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Light size?

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While working on my 10g cycling, I'm slowly gathering everything to get my 20 long set up. I eventually want live plants so I'm scouring craigslist for a good deal.
The 20 is 30x12.
Someone is selling various items including a 35" light fixture for $20! To my inexperienced eyes this is a grest deal. Would this work on the 20L if I could maybe rig it to maybe hang just above the tank? I already have a screen lid for the tank but was looking into possibly making some sort of clear plastic lid.
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If you wanted to rig the light to hang then it would work fine but otherwise it won't fit well and you'd want a 30 inch light. Does it come with a light bulb and stuff? What kind of fixture is it?
I don't see the fixture in those pictures, any way you could ask for pictures specifically of the fixture? I mean, 20 bucks for all of it does seem just fine! And if it's not what you expect you could always turn around and sell it to someone else lol. Those light bulbs look good though so if you can rig it, I think it might be worth it!
Looks like a single bulb old t-8 it will grow stuff but on the lower light needing end, I have leaned to do tons of research and buy things only once, believe me I have several light fixtures laying around because I got a "good" deal, it's more about knowing what you want to grow and the time you have to invest into growing them and of course the amount of money you are willing to spend I am slowly going all Led for the bigger tanks and the smaller ones when I find fixtures that will work and are priced good
I don't even know what I want to grow haha. Anything easy that requires hardly any expertise.
I have medium-light-needs plants growing well with just a cheapo $7 T8 light fixture from Walmart, so that might work just fine if you got a good bulb.
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