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Live healthily whiteworm culture for sale

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White worm culture for sale. shipping to 48country
Shipping charge are depend on the wieght open for trade the stuff I want is plant,snail, and other culture

2oz 3.00
3oz 3.75
7oz8 .50

Starter kit 15dollar

PM me is anyone want them
Thank you:-D:-D
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Wholesale .75 cent per oz starter kit included every thing you need to start a culture for the price of 10 dollar

Bought this starter and it had everything I needed, including food, soil, and the culture, plus very simple instructions to get it set up.

Cindy was very easy to work with and got the worms to me within two days. A truly pleasurable buying experience.
Have grindal worm now too. same price as the whiteworm
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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