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Live plant help

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Ok so i have a tank arriving on the 14. (eclipse 5g corner)
I want to put live plants in it
I want plants that can live in gravel not sand ( I have navy blue gravel)
Pref darker greens
Also I have no idea how to care for them
Please help
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Java fern ( Microsorum pteropus ) is great for a 5 gal. You can put the roots in gravel, or just let it float or attach it to a rock.

You should go with low light plants, they are beginner plants and near impossible to die. They are: Anacharis, Java fern, Java Moss, Anubias, and Duck weed. There are more than what I listed but these 4 look good together as well as have high survive-ability. This Thread has more information about plants and more plants to choose from.

Plants of these types require low-high light so if you ever decide that you want to get a plant that is "high" light you will have to invest in some 6500k bulbs for approximately 1-3 watts per gallon (2watts works great for me though if you have snails you can get 3 for algae to grow for them)
How do I attatch java moss to a rock decor?
I use fishing line (I'm an avid fisherman) but you can also use cotton string, it will fade away, but by the time it deteriorates your ferns should be attached to the object.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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