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My Ari'i has had some bloating for the last two weeks or so. The first two days had been fairly bad and I'd been really startled and upset by how swollen his belly was. After doing some research I realized I'd been overfeeding him and that he was probably constipated, so following what seemed to be the safest general consensus, I fasted him for two days and the swelling went down quite a lot right away.
Despite the fact that I cracked down on how much I feed him, though, the bloating hasn't quite gone away completely. It's really minor now, almost unnoticeable even, but it still unsettles me quite a bit because I'm really just absolutely in love with this little guy. I was hoping some of y'all might be able to give me some advice, since I'm a novice when it comes to decent betta care.

For the basic info:
The tank is only 1 gallon. I don't know anything about nitrate levels and that sort of thing, or the exact water temperature, but I do have a filter, a heater and an aerator. No tank-mates or live plants. I do a 50% water change every couple of days, and a full tank clean and change every other week. We have good well water at our taps, and I use Start Right conditioner (the one with aloe vera).
He gets 2-3 Tetrabetta floating mini pellets once a day, and is quite an enthusiastic eater. :p No blood worms or anything like that. His scales are smooth, his colors are bright, fins and gills are healthy. He's very active and playful, swims well, doesn't show any signs of distress. The bloating is just in the digestive track area, and only visible from the side. I don't know how old he is exactly, but I bought him just a month ago. I'm not sure if it makes a difference, but he's a crowntail dragon.
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