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Hello Bettafish community,

I've been handling bettas for a good amount of time, and I've never had this experience with a boy who's fins won't heal. I come from mostly a ciclid background, but have fallen in love with several of the wild-betta types.

On that note, the kids really like the bright colors so we have a few splendid tanks in the house.

I got a standard "dumbo"-splendid at the petstore I work at, he was a customer return because the female the purchased (poorly and while I was not there to educate them mind you)- the female tore up his pectoral fins. He definatly doesn't have the rot, on that note.

His fins are growing in size over all, but the tears have not healed. It's been a while, I got him in a nice 5.5 gal tank with silk plants and a basic filter and some occasional cherry shrimps to eat- along with hakari gold pellets. The tank stays around 75-78, with a back up heater to crank it up to 85 for healing times when necessary. I got him back in August. It's now January, and his fins are still ratty.

Am I doing something wrong? When I first got him, I treated him with salt and heat, but now its been several months and I don't want to overheat/salt to much with his occasional shrimp guests (food).

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Salt can help fin tears by not allowing infection to take hold. For fixing tears some people recommend API Stresscoat. I see no scientific reason why their small amount of Aloe should have any effect.

Most of us like IAL (Indian Almond Leaf). The tannins are a mild disinfectant, and it seems to have a calming effect.

You might jack the heat up into the low 80s. And get more plants, especially floating plants for shade, hides and sleeping in.

In know you're an advocate of high-quality food. There are better alternatives to Hikari. New life Spectrum Betta and Omega One Betta are the best you can easily get

That is a little long to not see healing of fin tears. But each fish is different. It doesn't sound as though you're doing anything wrong.

Welcome to the forum.
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