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I brought home a boy Betta the on the 6th. He looked perfectly healthy and even built bubble nests and would flare on the 7th. He looked like a champ in my opinion. Well on the afternoon of the 7th I unfroze some brine shrimp for him. On the night of the 8th he had obvious signs of parasites. I started treating him with Jungle Parasite Clear and Epsom Salt on the 9th.

I'm just so confused right now. I mean he seemed so healthy in the store and the first day home. He passed away today. I just couldn't imagine him having parasites from the store. I mean I know they don't keep the best conditions but he was so healthy looking. Is it possible he got the parasite from the frozen shrimp or was this a developing problem from the store?

This was him the day I got him home and acclimated to the tank.


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