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Looking for ideas for a tank mate

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My 75 gallon looks empty, I think because most of my fish are bottom dwellers and my hatchets are top dwellers.

I have 5 khuli loaches
5 clown loaches
7 silver hatchets
4 female guppies -1 month old fry
1 betta

They are all peaceful and get along. If the guppy fry all survive they may be a nice addition, but I may give them away if they aren't very compatible with the betta.

I would like something to fill the middle of the tank with colour...But Nothing seems to match so far. Would boesemani rainbow fish go well? Or would the betta see them as a threat?
Thank you for any advice.
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The bosemani rainbows can get quite large, and might stress out your betta with their size. You could try a school of rummy nose tetras, perhaps. Their coloring is really neat, and I think that if your hatchets do alright with your betta, these would be fine.
What about something like rummynose tetras?

Ooh previous poster beat me to that just as I'm typing it. I second them. I have 10 in my 54 gallon tank, and they are really fun fish. They school so nicely. I can wave my hand in front of the tank, and they move in unison along with it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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