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I would like to add one or two more girls to my sorority. Would like breeding quality girls.

Would love if they were dragons, but don't need to be. I also prefer HM, HMPK, or PK.
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Still hunting for some girls.
I've still got females from my spawn here:

Will probably be putting up a bunch of fresh photos tomorrow, mostly of the females.
I may be interested in a pair. I'm going to be getting some new tanks (another 10 gal to split between 2 males along with a spawning tank and a grow out). I'll have to see some new pictures before I get my heart set on them though. ^_^ One of your girls would definitely pop in my sorority of dragon sisters though.
Only got a couple of them photographed today, will get more tomorrow. here's a link to the page they're on:
Saw one pic and the video. They're pretty, but don't really jump at me at the moment.
I'll keep an eye out for more pictures though.
Along with the females, I am also looking for Java Moss and other low maintenance plants besides anubias.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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