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Losing hope with dropsy, maybe he's just old?

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I'm sure by now most of you have seen me post about my veil tail who has dropsy and has been bloated for at least 4-5 months now. I've tried epsom salt, frequent water changes, and 2 rounds of Maracyn / Maracyn II. I got done with my second round of Maracyn's about 2 days ago and it seems like he's fluctuating. At one point in the day I'll come in and he's a decent size and is swimming around just a little but still mainly laying on his plant. Other times in the day I'll come in and he's bloated, breathing a little heavier, and sinking. I don't know what else I can do. I'm pretty sure I've done everything I can for this little boy. Is he just getting old? I've had him since August 8 2010, so over a year and a half. I'm really expecting to come in here any day now and find him dead. We've already ruled out parasite's since he's eating and pooping normally. Is this normal for a case of dropsy? Is it hard to cure? I just feel so guilty for some reason even though I've done everything I can to help him.
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Is he pineconing? Normally dropsy kills preetttyy dang quickly since its due to organ failure. So I honestly don't think he'd still be alive if he had dropsy.

What type of food are you feeding him? And how much? If he's eating something that makes him bloat I might try another brand of food. Maybe even frozens, or NLS betta formula.

He could be getting old, Kinda sounds how my super old pk girl has gotten, shes around 4 years old and mainly lays on the bottom of her tank these days.
I'm sorry he's not any better :(

Also remind us what and how much and how often you feed?

Just a recap for you and anyone new who wants to offer advice..

It was advised before that your first round (or lack there of.. since he only got one dose of actual meds instead of the full round) could have very likely caused a resistance and Maracyn 2 would no longer work, and it would be best to try to find a different med. Were you able to look into getting any of the other meds suggested to you? Maracyn Plus, Kanaplex or lastly Furan 2 has some potential if neither Maracyn Plus or Kanaplex could not be found - both Maracyn Plus and Kanaplex can be ordered online and Furan 2 should be found pretty easily as it is an API med.

In your last thread I said if there was no improvement after 5 days or so on the second try of Maracyn 2 to switch meds.. and that was Jan 18th over a month ago.. so how has it gone since then?

At this point.. I would definitely not take him out of epsoms as long as he continues to be pineconed. You could give him a week off meds and watch carefully on just the epsoms. This is a risk, and personally I would go straight into another treatment since by last count he's only had 5 or so days of meds? For sure, if after a week he is not improved I would try another med. Also since the last time you posted was like a month ago, if he's already been off meds for a while it's time to try again.

I remember the just one single first dosage of Maracyn 2 caused a 50% decrease in his bloating. The fact that Maracyn 2 caused this much of an improvement, coupled with his fluctuations in bloating, leaves out a tumor. I stand by this -strongly- that an antibiotic would not cause an improvement in a tumor or age condition nor would you be seeing lots of fluctuation in bloat. Because of this I think you had the right med but because you didn't continue the full treatment the bacteria became resistant to it and the subsequent round over a week later didn't work. So I think you're still dealing with a bacterial infection and I would prepare to treat him again within a week if you want him to make it. The other complication is that you have to get to the infection before the organs just give out.. if he gets to that point then even the correct med cannot save him..

My suggestion is same as a month ago.. keep him in epsoms so long as he is pineconed and find a different med like Maracyn Plus, Kanaplex or Furan 2 in the case you cannot order online for some reason. Good luck!
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if you haven't tried it yet you could try skinning a pea and cutting it up and feeding him a 4th of it, i don't know much about fish illnesses but i do know that a pea helps un-constipate a fish to help cure bloating. just a suggestion
I tried a second dose of Maracyn's and it was working pretty good. He's been off Maracyns for a few days now and is flucutating between looking okay and the original pine coning. New medication is really not an option for me and asides it'd take over a week to get here. I'm feeding him 2 betta pellets twice a day.
I just searched on PetSmart and found Maracyn Plus for $10.99 with free two day shipping so hopefully that'll be okay.
Yeah that's strong stuff. One round -should- do the job, but I've seen it take 10 days on something advanced. Let us know. In the meantime give him a break from meds but keep him in the epsoms.
I don't have any advice, but I wanted to wish you luck!
Thanks guys! The medicine should be here tomorrow.
Can the maracyn cause fin rot? The fin on the top of his body is black and falling apart and the ends. His tail is fine, but seems really thin.
wow, you should keep going dropsy often kills within a week. Don't give up, your fish is a fighter :D
Shouldn't.. make sure you dilluted it for the size of container you're using. 1ml per gallon dosage.
Hm...well that stinks haha. I've diluted it but I haven't used it in almost a week. You'll never guess what happened though. I was doing a water change last night and he GOT SUCKED UP IN THE VACUMN. Luckily he's fine but gosh...I've never had that happen before.
With Maracyn Plus you should do 100% change along with dose 1. Do a 50% change and redose on day 3 (two days later), and 100% change and redose on day 5 (2 days after that). Wait 2 more days and continue normal water change routine (at least 50% change at this point). He may need a second round but maybe not. Reevaluate after this point. Should not require or give any more than 2 rounds.

Wow.. never had that happen before. Glad he's ok.
How do I dose? It says 2 capfuls for 10 gallons of water. Can I put one capful in 5 tablespoons of water like I did with the Maracyn I and II?
Yes. You can put one capful in 5 tablespoons then take one tablespoon and put it in the 1 gallon bowl. Mix up fresh each time.
What about this fin rot he's developing? I swear this poor boy...his tail is looking thin and has some black fraying at the end.
Maracyn Plus treats fin rot too.
Sweet. I really hope this works *fingers crossed*
So if your first dose was the 23rd your second dose should be today.. how's he doing?
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