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Loving Floating Tube

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Ricepatty did a lovely job and sent Zen a little package, upon my request!!! See classified forum or ebay for these. Zen is already loving his hang-out. He is being still in the picture, just resting. Many thanks, Ricepatty! Tower will go in at next water change!! I am sure it will help tremendously to prevent boredom. Nothing too good for our fishies!!


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I am so happy to hear he loves it already!! And thank you for the shout-out!!! Adorable betta and the color of the tube is perfect with his colors!!! :) I could not be happier seeing him being so excited so soon!! Thank you for the awesome picture as well!!! :) I hope you and Zen enjoy tremendously!!
I just had a brain-flash (doesn't happen very often, I know:p). when I ordered Zen's tube, I also ordered a tower for Zen. I put the tower in today along with his water change.

Here is the thing: I ordered several plants that I think will look lovely in his aquarium and make fun hiding spaces and help tank conditioning. Question :shock: how to tie down those plants so they stay below gravel substrate. Well. It seems that some people use this SAME plastic mesh (for hold-downs) that the tube and tower are made of. OK.

So then, I think, we have his new tower which has a square mesh base for under-gravel hold-down.

Ahah! I have a Cunning Plan: Take the bare-stemmed plants I will get, and thread through base of Zen's tower. Just a few, I am thinking the one plant, four stems, probably the Dark Red Ludwigia. These plants will be on the outside, not the inside.

There you go, just a thought, and I will post pics if, and only if, it works (which it should!).

Sometimes I surprise myself.
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Oh that sounds super nice ^-^
That is an awesome idea!!! That's just one of many ways to customize it to fit your fishes specific needs!!! I can't wait to see pictures!!! :) and I'm so glad zen likes them so much!!!
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How awesome that his tube matches him! that's cute! was that planned?
Oh I plan everything alright, lol. No, it is the vagaries of camera flash, but it looks good, right?
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