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Lowering ammonia with ammo chips?

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My male betta has fin rot and is in a 10 gallon tank. The ammonia level has been a 0.25ppm for a while now and I can't seem to lower it. My tap water has 1ppm ammonia in it, so water changes just make the condition in my tank worse. Because my tank is not cycled, something like prime won't help much because the ammonium will just convert back in 24 hours.
I got some ammo chips about a week ago and put them into both of my betta tanks. The ammonia in my female betta's tank went down to 0 very quickly, but the ammonia in my male's 10 gallon stayed the same. I think this is because a few weeks ago I added 2tsp of salt to his water to help with his fin rot. I have done a 50% and several 25% water changes since then so I figured the salt levels in the tank would not be enough to affect the ammo chips which don't work in salt water. It wasn't enough though and the ammo chips aren't helping with the ammonia.
Should I do 100% water change to remove all of the salt from the water? It would be a lot of work, and it would be stressful for my betta. I'm also worried it might also harm any cycle that might be starting in my 10 gallon. What should I do?
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I'm not sure but I think you should do a 100% change and siphon the substrate. That's what I would do but I'm sure someone more knowledgeable will come along.
Or maybe do a 75% and siphon the gravel if your worried about cycling.
remember 95% of your beneficial bacteria is in your filter, not really the water or substrate itself.
Also, will ammo chips prevent my tank from becoming cycled? I'm trying to cycle to filter, but the ammonia was getting high and I didn't want my betta to be hurt by it. I heard that ammo chips can prevent a cycle because they absorb the ammonia so the bacteria starve. Is this true and if it is, should I keep the ammo chips in or take them out and expose my betta to high ammonia?
my advice is to go out and buy some seachem stability, it will cycle your tank quickly.
my advice is to go out and buy some seachem stability, it will cycle your tank quickly.
Thanks, I'll try that. Also, do medications like Triple Sulfa kill the good bacteria too? I'm considering treating my betta with meds once I get the ammonia under control, but I don't want the meds to ruin my cycle and make things worse.
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