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So I have this betta [that I keep making threads about]. His name is Gibbs and he's the fish in my avatar. Of course his tail doesn't look like that atm since he's recovering from fin rot. He's a baby since he's tiny and he has an eggspot and occasionally gets fear stripes (After testing heaters, water quality, plants, and the like, I've determined he is just bi-polar, especially when I move his tank.)

Gibbs was a super hyper fish, both in his .5 holding tank and then his new 2.5 tank. He would glass surf constantly if he didn't have my attention and while the silk plants in there made him feel comfortable, he ignored them for the most part. He would never rest for more than 2 seconds LOL except when he was sleeping.

Today I got a new silk plant and gravel (the tank was bare-bottom before because I was doing 100% water changes) and rinsed each with warm water before adding it during today's water change. Gibbs went through a cycle of curiosity and fear striping before settling within the hour. Maybe it's just the illusion of black gravel, but he seems deeper in color, deeper than when I first got him (see avatar).

Anyways, that being said, Gibbs isn't very hyper anymore. He just hangs either near the surface or at the bottom. He stays perfectly still and occasionally swims to rest on a different leaf or just float there with his nose barely poking the surface. He still eats and his color is richer than usual. He perks when I give him my attention. I tested the water and skimmed the surface for dust/oil and everything seems fine. I did another 25% water change in addition. He doesn't seem sad or sick either, just... calmer, and he doesn't glass surf anymore. I also fed him for the first time Omega One pellets to add some variety to his diet of flakes and worms. He ate them with gusto (like he does with everything else).

At first I thought he was just taking a nap, but he was still keeping that behavior up after my own 2 hour nap.

Long post is long but what do you guys think is going on? Is this just a phase? A personality change? Or some type of symptom for something bad?
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