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Makeshift/Rescue Tanks and Aquariums

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It's happened to many of us: you find yourself stuck in an internal battle on whether or not to rescue a sick fish or one who has been sitting in a cup for a long time and has yet to be taken home. Some of us can find it nearly impossible to walk away when you know that the fish will probably go to an abusive home if it ends up going to one at all. Also, it's hard to pass up that really amazing fish you find that you never intended on buying. The resulting situation is often that the rescuer or purchaser does not already have a habitat set up to put the fish in when they get home.

I found myself in this very dilemma when I rescued a fish with tailrot from Wal-mart who I noticed had been in his cup for over 10 days. I had very little money but I felt wrong for just leaving him there when I knew I could give him the best home possible. I already have another betta, so food and conditioned water weren't a problem. What I ended up doing was purchasing a very large fish bowl from a thrift store (which is fine until I can afford a more permanent home since the fish is very tiny), and filling it with marbles I had as a child along with some 99 cent aquarium plants I found at a store. I went to the dollar store to buy a clip-on reading LED light (one that does not produce head) to give him a little light. Next, I created a makeshift lid by taking a plastic lid from a food container, rinsing it, and cutting holes for feeding and air, and the heater cord. The most expensive item was a bowl heater, but the entire setup including the fish was 15 dollars at most.

It is possible to give every fish a safe and comfortable environment, temporary or not, for little cost with some brainpower and dedication. If you have an emergency situation and need some pointers on how to set up a quick habitat, ask here! If you have some suggestions or personal examples about how you have created makeshift or rescue tanks please share them! :)
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Thanks for sharing! Good solution!
It is possible to treat the poor sick abused bettas in their own little cups. I have very little space...but lots of plants. One important thing is, when I rescue a betta, I already have an adopter in mind. Someone who will take him once he is well. It helps that I live in NYC :p Right now I'm actually using a 2 gallon.. 2 feet vase for my rescue from last week. it's a bit tall but will be fine for the duration I will be keeping him for.

so when I got this one, all my tanks were taken, plus I didn't have an extra heater when he came home. So I floated his cup in the jar I had for my baby betta (I'm a collector of Jars, lol) with some floaters and a pothos plant to ensure pristine water quality. The water was also changed out twice a day from my 1 gallon tank. He recovered quickly and I ended up cleaning some giant vases I got from Craigslist for a temporary tank :)

I have a policy for fish rescues... Never rescue from the big chain store brands, Never rescue from stores that doesnt take good care of their fish.....
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I rescued a betta about a week ago from petco while i was picking out plants for my other betta's 5g so he is in a temporary 1g but when i get paid next friday I wll order him his own 5g and he will stay right next to my other betta
cause i have grown a fond of that little guy he has a lot of personality...
I saw these jars at Walmart in the food storage area they called them heritage jars and they are 2 gallon. I was looking for something to use for hospital tank. They would make a nice container. They are food safe so they should be fish safe. I didn't end up buying it because I thought about the fact that my fish 5g tanks although they didn't come with a lid or light were $10.00 at a store called Meijers where I live. The main advatage to the jar though is I have 7.5 watt heater that probably would heat the jar. My fish were big box store fish. It's how I got into this wanting to help a couple of bettas escape. I have yet to truly see any store take care their bettas they all mostly look sad and pathetic. When I get rid of the fin rot and Ich mine have I will look others but hopefully in better shape. Maybe there should be a page on petfinders for rescued fish.
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