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Making a filter

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It's not exactly for bettas, but it does come under the habit/accessories bit.
I'm building a filter for my pond in an attempt to save myself $300 (especially since I have to pay roughly that much for the pump anyway).

My plan is to get a 5 gallon bucket. I will cut an inflow hole at the top and an outflow hole near the bottom. I will put a brick at the bottom of the bucket, covered by a grate, to create a space for the water.
Over the grate I will place a fat fat layer of sponge, then a layer of ceramic noodles, then a layer of filter wool.

The pond is 500 litres and will house 3 goldfish (2 comets and a shubunkin). At first I will just have a couple of silk plants, but I hope to introduce some real aquatic ones soon after.

I have some questions:

1) How many litres per hour should the pump move? 5000 (10x the capacity of the pond? Less? More?)
2) What sort of aquatic plants are good for a pond? It will have a large river stone substrate, but the pond has ledges on which I can put pots. I may be able to do some semi-aquatics, too, on the higher ledges, like violet (which I love).
3) Goldfish people, is my stocking ok? I love shubunkins and I really want one, but if it would be better to get three comets I will. I want the fish to be happy. :)

Íf anyone can answer any of these questions I'll be very grateful. :) I'll keep y'all updated on my project! :)
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Thanks for replying, KoiMaiden - I opened the thread then had to close it and go to uni, then totally forgot you'd replied...silly me.

The pond is a pre-formed plastic one (the ground is too hard to do much digging). This one. :)

I only want 3 goldies, so a fourth isn't an option. Not sure what I'll do if they spawn...hopefully they won't (although baby goldfish would be cute).

I definitely don't want a noisy waterfall as this pond is just below my window! I don't want to wake up desperate for the loo...
500 LPH. That's nice and small. Do you think I should bother adding a UV steriliser to my filter?

I'll probably chuck some anacharis in for the fish to eat anyway. I know Fishy (the current comet) loves to snack on it. I'll definitely get some of those floating plants...I'll have to check which ones are on the allowable import list, though. I know frogbit is already in the country, so that may be an option. I might put in some floating hornwort, too. :)

I'm getting very excited for this project. I can't wait to get it up and running! We need to get the pond in the ground ASAP because winter is coming and we need to introduce Fishy whilst it is still warm. He can't afford to spend another year in his tank.
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