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male betta

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I had my betta fish for about a week and a half now and he is my first betta fish. He is in a 1.5 gallon tank with a filter. i have been doing partial water changes every second day and i did a 100% water change yesterday. up until yesterday he was doing great. then yesterday i noticed that he was swimming around as much and just laying down on his leaf or on the bottom. last night i noticed that his fins were stuck together like someone glued them at the tips. he does try and flair but the tips are just stuck. he is eating normally. please help i hate to see him like this.
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How warm is his tank? Hows the water temperature when you made your water change? maybe a large fluctuation did it. The fins... I cant think of anything but hard water doing that, are his fina curling?. Sorry Im not much help.
Oh and i read your other thread. water changes would vary from fish to fish, but two water changes a week, 50% half way through the week and 100% at the end of the week should be ok. dont fuss too much over the fish! maybe it just needs some quiet time
i don't have a heater right now only because i am going to get him a 5 gallon tank with a heater. i did try and check for velvet but im really not sure he has some gold color around his head but that might be his natural color as i never checked before this happened. thanks for your reply:)
This is how i figured out that the natural gold coloring around my bettas head was natural... I made him flare at a mirror, the gold got even brighter. for some reason flaring enhances color. if ur bettas color changes, then more likely than not he doesnt have velvet
thanks i will try that
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