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Hey guys,

I just have a question about my little guy. I bought him a month-ish ago from a petstore and his finnage seemed pretty good. Lately I've noticed that some of the rays on his caudal fin are bending. It's only at the tip, but they seem to bend and almost split. Looks as if they may fall off. The water parameters are perfect, (0 NH3, 0 NO2, 0 NO3) and pH 6.5. I am currently cycling a tank for him (day 50 believe it or not, but getting there), so he is living in a 2 gal jar for which I change 50% of the water daily, and it is heated and filtered. I have also added a bit of blackwater extract, though I can't imagine it's water hardness that's causing this - not with my pH.

Anyone have any insight as to what may be the cause? Otherwise he seems incredibly healthy - constantly flaring, ravenous appetite, swims to the front of the tank to greet me whenever I am in the room, loves attention. Could they be getting caught in my filter or something? (It's a pennplax smallworld filter.. just a placeholder until the Chi is ready.) If I am a paranoid spazz, feel free to let me know as well... just seems as if this curling can't be a good thing!

Thanks guys!
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