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Sundance (Elephant Ear Betta), Johnny (Guinea pig), Kooky (Guinea pig)
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Wow 6 months?! He looks amazing! I was hoping my little elephant ear boy would transform faster but I guess I need to be a bit more patient. Mine is a bit worse off than you. My husband and I rescued him from getting "cloved" at a petco (they were going to "put him to sleep" with clove oil) already ripped off his price sticker and everything and had him on the sink ready to go...So heres my guy the day we rescued him which was only about 4 weeks ago. He was super washed out and depressed. Fin rot and possible popeye...He's on his third round of kanaplex doses and he's been taking them very well.
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And here is him last week. I need a more updated picture but the little guy just doesn't stay still. lol
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Hope my boy grows as vibrant as yours! Such amazing hardy little fish!
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