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Male or Female?

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So I put all my girls into my sorority today. They are getting along really well so far. Almost no biting. Just hitting with their tails and chasing. Only one fish was biting. It also flared at all the other girls and was the only one biting. Then I noticed that the fish has 2 toned ventral fins which i've only seen on the male bettas. Can females have this too?

This is the fish in question:
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I would say female. But not 100% sure.
Any betta can have the two tone ventral. I would say female but I have been wrong before lol.
If she is nipping and doing huge blows, like to the body, or is just beating up on them cup her for a time out for a while. Sometimes with sororities some females especially the ones on top of the totem pole may want to be alpha and are gonna fight for it.
I cupped her for a while and let her back out. No more biting, just chasing. Thanks all!
If your not sure.
Cup the fish up and look underneath the belly.
If you see a white dot then it a girl, if not then a boy.
1+^ also check her "beard" that black area under the gills females have smaller beards, males are bigger. and yes the eggspot sightings are for females, but young males will apear to have them aswell, just if she/he could flare like a male or either make a bubble nest, though some females would build a nest but not as "good" as males :) good luck
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