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"Male" with very visible vertical stripes and egg spot

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After my two aquabid fish dieing and my hopes of breeding being flushed down the toilet,I decided to just stick to keeping bettas without breeding them.So today I went out to buy 2 fish to replace the ones that died.I came back with 3 lol.One once I got it out of the bad lighting in the store I noticed that it had a prominent egg spot.After plopping it in the divided tank next too a male it started started striping up with very noticeable verticals stripes.Could it just have been a misslabelee on petsmart's part?It actually looks like one of my female veil tails in body shape.It doesn't really have what you would call a veiltail
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I'm almost completly certain that it is a she. But here's a picture for reference
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Ah ,he is definitely a she.Her male neighbor has been flirting and has built a nice sized bubble nest.*sighs*If only they weren't veiltails,I would actually go for breeding them then.
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