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Marimo Moss/Green Water

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I just bought a marimo moss ball and i have changed the water in the cup that is currently housing the ball until my tank is done cycling. I have noticed that the water is turning green in the cup and junk is collecting at the bottom of the cup. I'm worried about putting the ball into my tank, I don't want it to dirty the water. Has this happened to anyone, can anyone give me some advice??
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Welcome to the forum

If you haven't quarantined your moss ball I would. The filter probably will take care of everything that might come out of the ball, but if it was in with other fish it couldn't hurt to quarantine.

A good rinse under the faucet doesn't kill mine. I rinse and squeeze it out then throw it in a bowl of dechlorinated water. It floats a bit while it is soaking up water again but sinks once it's water logged. (I rinse it to get shmootz off it like snail doo etc.) Mine is healthy and green even mistreating it like this.

When I got mine it was full of those little worms that happen if you have a dirty tank. (I forgot the name atm)

GL with your moss ball. :)
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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