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Marimo Moss/Green Water

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I just bought a marimo moss ball and i have changed the water in the cup that is currently housing the ball until my tank is done cycling. I have noticed that the water is turning green in the cup and junk is collecting at the bottom of the cup. I'm worried about putting the ball into my tank, I don't want it to dirty the water. Has this happened to anyone, can anyone give me some advice??
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yes I am quarantining the ball right now in chlorinated water right now, I will be switching the cup's water to aquarium water tomorrow to finish quarantining I also noticed that that ball is splitting down the middle sot of, I guess this is what caused the "junk" to accumulate at the bottom of the cup and tun the water greenish. I'm thinking of just splitting it and putting one half in each of my Betta tanks. Any tips of splitting then sewing up marimo balls is welcome lol =]
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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