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Martinismommys Bettas?

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I know several people have Bettas from martinismommy and i am about to buy some from her for breeding and i was wonderring if some owners could post pics of them so i could see them. I know she has great Bettas but i myself havnt seen manny pictures of them. I hope Im posting this in the right place :)
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Pic Spam... these are some of the fish I've owned from Martinsmommy.
I suggest you go to Aquabid and look up her reviews. Her previous auctions will be there and you will be able to see lots of pics of those fish she's sold in the past.
Here's the link:
** some of these pics were taken by Karen.


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OMG, they're beautiful! My Echo's parents came from Martinsmommy. They were bred by 1fish2fish and I took 2 from that spawn.
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