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A few weeks ago I noticed this weird bump inside Marvels gill. Is it a disease, infection or perhaps a tumour??? As you can see in the picture, his gill is kind of sticking out. And I think its gotten a little worse over the weeks which is why I am posting this.

I love Marvel a lot and only want the best for him. I would be very happy if someone experienced could tell me what is goimg on, and if I should order some kind of medication for him.

🐠Some more information:
Tank size: 37L (40gallon)
Heater and filter? Yes
Tank temperature: 26 C°
NO²: 0.3 mg/L
PH: 8.0
Had this tank for 9 months, my betta Marvel for 8/9 months.
How often are water changes? Once A week, approximately 25% water taken out.
Any tankmates? Two shrimps, one small catfish.
What do you feed and how much: 4 pellets morning, 4 pellets at night.
All plants are real.
Plant Terrestrial plant Flower Moisture Petal

Plant Terrestrial plant Organism Fish Underwater

Plant Flower Leaf Botany Insect
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