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Maybe fin rot, idk??

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His fins don't look like they have dark edges, but you see at the top of his tail fin? Idk if that is fin rot.
His tail fin has tears in it, I took out the object I think caused it the other day. I also keep his water warm (81F) and do 50% water changes twice a week.

If it is fin rot, how do you "cure" it?
If its not fin rot, what is it and how can I "cure" it?

Thanks! :)
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It looks like he may have caught it on the object that you removed the other day.

The best way to treat it is just keep him in warm and clean water. Nothing else is needed.

What size is the tank? And is it cycled?

I would just keep the water very clean, and monitor him. New growth should appear white or transparent. This is OK. If you see any signs of infection setting in, let us know. But I think he'll be just fine in a few days.
^ I agree!

Also, I am pretty sure the plants you have in there are not true aquatic plants? Are they silk? If so, well lol, they're fine! If not, watch for die-off and remove them asap if they start to look wilty.
That little piece wasn't there when I removed the object the other day, could it just have fallen off from the damage the object did to it?
I went and got stress coat since it has aloe vera in it, that should help with healing. I did a 50% water change earlier and added the stress coat.
I have him in a 10 gallon, and it is not cycled. I do a 50% water change every 3 days.
It has been up and running since I got him on the 24th of April, so about 3 weeks. I usually use Prime WC, but I think im going to use stress coat, prime,stress coat etc. till his fins get better.
The only things I have in his tank is two clay pots and 2 marina silk plants, the plants are sort of harder than I would think silk would feel, but he went 2 1/2 weeks with them before I got the object and his fins were fine, so I don't think they are doing it.

And I keep his water at 80f-82f.
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