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Meet Amethyst

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I haven't had bettas in a few years, I wanted to get another but I wanted something unique. Shortly after moving away to college I was looking at the bettas at the local Petsmart. This is south GA, and I didn't really have high hopes. Many of the bettas they had were in pretty rough shape, but this beauty stood out to me. He was nesting in his little container!! I'd never seen a purple betta before. He's darkened up a lot since I got him, and his color is a lot richer. He hasn't stopped nesting though!! I love taking pictures of him, he likes to flair up at the camera.

Does anyone know what to specifically call his coloring? I've been curious.
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Not purple, actually. I think blue with red wash or something like that.
Oh yes, my first fish was purple (well, blue with red wash actually) too! Purple is actually quite common, but real true purple is the rare kind. Most purple is iridescence or just blue, but it still is very pretty :)

You take very nice pictures!

I would say pastel purple or blue multicolor. I love those pectoral fins. So pretty :)
Gorgeous! You made my night with that picture of his gills out! Precious!- I mean frightening! ;)
Lovely pictures! My sister used to have a betta that looked just like Amethyst
My betta Illidan looks very similar. I think his fins will turn red eventually though.
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