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meet mr. Gills and his two sisters :)

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Yes, i know i said i would get three more females, but then i saw him:shock: a beautiful halfmoon plakat! he had to go with me :-D and his two sisters ;)
One sister was a random catch and the other one with horrible stress stripes(photos were taken a few hours after i got them) was the most scared and shy one of them, so i had to take her as well:-D and what was so cute, when i put the new girls in my sorority, one of my own girls got scared of them and turned all stripy as well, so they suddenly became friends and were sitting on a rock together, all stripy:lol: they were soo cute haha:lol:
today they're all got their colour back, need to take some more photos ;)

Mr. Gills got his name because he somehow got into a fight when he was younger and you can see some part of his beard is missing when he flares, poor guy:-( but he doesn't mind, so i don't either ;)
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they look like my girl luna that passed away :( beautiful coloring and fish :)
there not blue stripes there blue rays :p here an example (my pass girl Luna):
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i had luna for almost a year :( she had gotten very big. though she was a PK and thanks :)
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