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Slate (Betta) Anne, Coraline, and Tiny (Snails)
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Hey guys!

Lets go back to about several months ago. My mom said that once we get back from our trip, I could get a betta. I couldn't wait! Now, to about 2 days ago, after some reminding and nudging, we went to the bit pet store. There were so many beautiful bettas! It was such a hard decision. I couldn't walk out with one betta without feeling bad for the rest. After looking at the many wonderful bettas, I decided on not one, but two! So, without further a do, meet Opal and Luna!

Here is Opal! I named him after a white gem, called the opal.

Questions on him:
-Can you guys tell what kind of fin type he has? He was labeled as a "Premium Male Platinum".
-He has cloudy eye, will a few water changes help?

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View attachment 1042153

Here is Luna! I named her because she was labeled as "Female Halfmoon" so she was named Luna after the moon!
*I don't have any pics of her in her tank yet, she is a shy one!
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Ironically I’m pretty sure that Opal is an opal betta, all though I’m not an expert.
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