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Meet Tarragon, my wannabe dragon

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After getting my first betta, Cilantro, I got a little addicted, but decided I would only get another if I found a really nice crowntail dragon at my local petsmart.

Tarragon was labeled as a crowntail dragon, but I'm pretty sure he's not actually a dragon because he doesn't have that cool mask. I just loved his pretty teal blue metallic coloring so much, I had to have him.

I thought maybe he's a piebald, but he has dark patches, so I'm not sure. He has a very cute skunk stripe though!

His pectoral fins have been torn since I got him 3 weeks ago and don't seem to be getting any better. Does anyone have any experience with this?

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Crown tails can have crowned pectorals (which I find cute)
Very pretty guy!
Wow he is such a cutie! I absolutely love his colors!
Thank you all for the kind words! He is very funny and will try to cram himself into the smallest places possible. Any idea on what color type he is? Dragon? Blue monster? Metallic piebald?
I have no idea. Never really got into betta patterns. This is how i classify bettas, beautiful or ugly.
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He looks like a copper.
Great looking boy!!!!! He conceals his crownTail awesomely till he flares! LOL. Was stunned when I saw the difference!!
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