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When I looked at my fish Poseidon yesterday, I noticed he was hanging around at the bottom of the tank. I took a closer look and saw that his fins appeared shredded at the ends and he has blotches on the top of his head as if some of his scales had fallen off.

He isn't bloated or anything, and he seems to have perked up a bit since yesterday (flaring up at stuff again, following my finger, etc.) but now the shredded parts of his fin are gone leaving his fins considerably shorter. The scaleless patches havn't gotten any bigger either.

I treated him with Bettafix last night and today I'll give him a salt bath and a 3/4 water change, followed by more Bettafix.

Has anyone else seen this before? And does anyone have any alternate treatment options? Your comments are appreciated :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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