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Monster of a tank!

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Went out to a few thrift stores hoping to find a larger tank for the girl I'm getting in a few days/week and instead of a 5-10 gallon, I found a monster of a tank!

I put it next to a 5 gallon bucket, to show just how big it is. Not sure what the gallons are... maybe a 20, or a 29? No idea, but it is HUGE and this means BettaBettaBetta and Tidbit each get at least 10 gallons! Maybe more! OMG OMG OMG I can't wait to get started. I've got it full of water and watching it for leaks right now. I might try a planted tank... just to see how it goes. Have to make the choice tomorrow. Today.. well I think I've made enough rash decisions for one day. Hubby was not pleased.. but he's not mad either. He just thinks I won't finish the project, lol.

Any ideas on how big it is?
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I'm guessing a 20 or 30 long. Beautiful tank. I love thrift stores!
I did the measurements and it's a 29 gallon. Which means... 14.5 for Bettabettabetta and 14.5 for Tidbit. So much room... what to do with it all!
You could take measurements of the tank length width and height then find a volume calculator online. This would be much more accurate than people guessing online at a picture. :)

Looks like you did or something lol...
I would love to see what you are going to do with it!
My husband says if I want to breed I can. We have the room, he's just loathe to invest money in my latest "project". lol. I don't know if I want to breed, but I do want to get more betta. I'm wondering if I can't divide it in half. Use one half for a 14 gallon sorority, and split the other half into 2 or 3 male tanks. Do you think that would be cruel to the fish? I don't want to stress them by putting them all so close together.
Oh that would look so pretty! And there would be so much room... It wouldn't stress any of them too much? Hmm.. could use something less see-through for the dividers. So much to do. Well til it's ready, Tidbit will stay in the 2 gallon. It's not the Hilton, but she'll be happy once things are settled.
Maybe a small community on each side if you divide it twice, or you could divide it 3 times
Gah, why don't these things show up in charity shops around here!?!
Just saying with all that water you should make a cross support. With all the water it will be pushing the sides out, that is why big tanks have the cross support. You can just get some durable but cheap metal piece and bend it to hold the it together.

I don't think a sorority and males will work to well... Unless you actually seal off the parts, I am talking about putting glass in and siliconing, but you have to find good glass too. I put a male in my sorority once while changing the water, he was in a cup, my females went crazy and would non stop fight. I wouldn't do it. Maybe just a big sorority or a sorority with other types of fish?
I live with 2 "handy-man" types. The tank has a lid but it's the wrong size. So my father in law is going to build a lid to fit the light in, and I can easily get him to make a support for it while he's at it. I might just fill it up with 4 males and get one of the 20 gallons I saw yesterday.. it was 20 bucks, but hey, why not, if I'm going this far, lol

Still doing the research and making choices. Suggestions are great, though! I think Bettabettabetta and Tidbit will go in it for now, though. So half and half with something less see-through between them for the time being.
Well I am getting 2 more tanks. 20 gallons. And we're going out monday to get filter mats and heaters, so I can start cycleing. My husband wants one of the tanks for himself, but I'll probably turn one of the 20s into a sorority and the 29 long into a divided male tank. AND I get one of the upstairs guestrooms and walk in closets as a fish room if I want it. Meaning I can breed if I want, but I don't know if I will. For now, I think I just want to start picking up fish I love and getting some of the poor broken fish I tend to fall in love with, and giving them big happy homes. Like Tidbit. She's going to have SO much room! No sorority for her, I'm sure of that, lol.

so many options.. It's like getting my dream setup.. but I haven't dreamed anything up yet.
That's awesome! I'm jelly you can have a fish room...
Wow, what a find! How much did it cost you? :-D Thrift stores are the best.
20 dollars for the 29 gallon and 10 bucks each for 2 10 gallons. ANd some 3 gallons bowls foir 5 each!
OMG I'm coming to live in america
LOL I know the man who owns the thrift store. We shop there ALL the time, so he gives me good deals. He HAD a 20 gallon but it was gone when I got there. :(

So I have 2 10gallon tanks, and I'm going to set one of those up for Bettabettabetta and Tidbit while I start cycling the 29 gallon. My favorite pet store is moving to a new store, so everything is on sale. I'm going to pick up heaters and filters and everything I need, and possibly a couple of fish, because they're on sale too! I'm getting live plants for the 29 gallon, cause I've got aspirations for a live planted tank.. crossing my fingers. I'm getting something hardy for the cycle and then sitting on it for a month. Which gives me a month to decide who and what to put in it!

I picked up a bunch of terracotta pots, silk plants and gravel for the 10 gallons while I was out tonight.. and left my purse at the Dollar Tree. Thankfully the woman who works there is a friend and she's holding onto it for me til tomorrow.. cause the closest Dollar Tree is half an hour away >.< I love the boonies.....
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20 dollars for the 29 gallon and 10 bucks each for 2 10 gallons. ANd some 3 gallons bowls foir 5 each!
Wow, what a steal! =D
2 more tanks! A 20 gallon and a fully set up 10 gallon that's going to my daughter. Paid $15 for the ten gallon and $10 for the 20 gallon.... I won't be useing the 20 just yet but for 10 dollars, I couldn't pass it up.

10 gallon with heater, filter, hood, light, gravel and some decorations.

20 gallon I got for 10 bucks!

They both need a lot of cleaning and a 24 hour leak test, but I can seal them if they leak, already re-sealed the 2 10 gallons I got before and they work fine.

This couldn't have come at a better time. I just bought this guy on E Bay and the seller is throwing in a couple of females for me. I'll need a place for them til the big tank is done cycling. O.O I just went from 1 fish to 5... Might be in over my head.....
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