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I just made this account today and I just got my third betta fish ever today. I really love him and his name is moonstone because he reflects the light and shines blue and green colors. Moonstone is also my favorite gem ♥
I am going to get him a tank heater soon so he doesn't get too cold. But its about 20 degrees celcius and I think its still a little too cold but hopefully I will fix that soon! We might upgrade him to a bigger tank as well.

So far he is super super curious, when I got him home as transferred him from bag to tank, he instantly just started going around and getting familiar. He is also quick and careful. In fact, when I was taking picture with my camera, he came up close cautiously, and if I moved the camera slightly he would swim away as quick as possible! :lol:

If you guys would like to see some pictures you can tell me.
Thanks for viewing this forum! ;-)

If only I knew how to post pictures on the iPad...
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