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Mopani Wood Changin Water color

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It appears the Mopani wood I got yesterday and was told was ready to go in the tank is turning the water brown...should this be removed? Will it hurt the bettas?
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I think I found the answer; tannins will not harm bettas, but I just need to double check to be sure please.
Yep, just tannins and it's all completely normal. It will stain the water but never the tank. You can remove the tannins with water changes or just leave them. I personally looooove the look of tea-stained tanks but some people hate them, it's all up to you.
No reason to worry. You're betta will enjoy it more than clear water in my opinion (mine do). It's all personal preference though. In my one 8g I have 2 pieces of mopani and 2 rooibos tea bags to get it as dark as possible :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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