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Moving Fish?!

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So I'll be moving in August, from Hawaii to Baltimore and I really want to take my babies with me (I've got two boys and a girl, but I may leave her with my brother not sure yet. And before anyone asks, no I do not breed, she was mislabeled at PetCo [IDK they suck, don't buy from PetCo guys] and my friend did not want a female so I took her).

I've done my research and I know I'm able to ship using USPS, FedEx, ect. but I worry not only about how they'd treat my boxes but how my fish will fair going over the Pacific Ocean but to the American East Coast!

I also know some Airlines allow pets, sadly none of my own personal googling has given me the answer if _________ airline allows me to carry on my fish.

I'm wondering if someone else here has safety shipped Bettas a SIMILAR distance (I'm not talking, 'I put them on a truck and they went from LA to Long Beach :/ ) that I am traveling! Or if someone out there knows of an airline that will allow me to take my babies with me on the plane!
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Shipping would probably be best, if you check the Sticky on the Betta Marketplace about how to ship bettas, also found HERE
NOt sure how long that distance would take, but in general; fast them at least one day before bagging. You don't need too much water or too big a plastic bag. Just try to keep water and air ratio 50-50. Bag them, tie. Put the whole thing in a second bag, tie. Wrap the plastic bag with used news paper (any type of paper will do). Add some stress/fungus med to their water. They should be fine for at least 3 days. Once they arrive, let them settle before feeding. Only feed 1/3 the portion you usually give (to avoid shock(???)) - add more on each feeding. . . . . not considering temp as it is warm here thus never needed additional heat.
I worry not only about how they'd treat my boxes but how my fish will fair going over the Pacific Ocean but to the American East Coast!
Not sure, but I currently have a betta in route from thailand to denver. I understand the concern, but if one isn't too far the other can't be.
Thank you everyone!! <3 I've had a look at the sticky note, and I'm going to put my trust in USPS (or FedEx....whoever will treat them better XD) Thank you for answering my question!
You're very welcome! Good luck to you and your baby!
idk about USPS or Fedex or anything about shipping fish but I'd be a little wary of UPS. With my experience with them, the boxes almost always show up completely bashed up. I've had four out of 6 tanks i ordered off of amazon get to me cracked or smashed.
Be sure to check importing laws just in case, sometimes bringing things to the "mainland" needs special clearance.
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