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Mr. Sword is hiding!!!

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Hi all!
You have been so helpful with betta issues I thought i would try another fishing problem.
At work I have a 4 gal aquarium. The heater keeps it in the low 80s. I have 2 celestial danios and 2 dainty cities. I had a betta in there also but I took him home and he is the papa of my first betta spawn. I wanted another showy fish who would not mind the strong current produced by the filter so I bought a male lyretail sword. He has now been in the tank for 2 weeks and he never comes out of hiding! He doesn't even come out to eat that I can tell. When I do catch a glimpse of him he appears healthy. The other fish seem fine and well adjusted. Anybody have any ideas? Did I just get a fraidy cat fish? Lol

Thank you!
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I don't know what you mean by dainty cities..
I will start off by saying that 4 gallons is much too small for -any- fish but a betta. I know you may have been told different by pet store people, or whatever, but let's face it they tend to not know a lot :D

Your celestial danios, could use a few more buddies, and need to be in at least 10 gallons.
Your sword needs at least 15 gallons of space, plus at least one friend.. If he had more room, hiding places, and a friend, I'm sure he'd be willing to come out and get to know you! :)
If you can get a 15-20 gallon tank for home, that would be the better place for these guys, and a betta for the 4 gallon, with some shrimp if it feels too empty. :)
Olympia is right. The fish best suited for a 4 gal is a betta. Just turn off the filter, and he will be fine. Plus it is an excuse to get another betta ;) You can read a bit more about the celestial pearl danio here: TFK profile on Celestial Pearl Danio (Danio margaritatus) And some more about the swordtail here: TFK profile on Swordtail (Xiphophorus hellerii) (This site is the parent site of and has profiles on hundreds of other fish species.)

I'm also confused by "dainty cities." Could you maybe provide a picture?
Auto correct strikes again! LOL

Dainty cities = dainty corys

Thanks for the information. I will check out the other website for more info on my fishies.
:lol: Haha autocorrect! Are they pygmy cories (TFK profile)? Although I like dainty much better. It sounds cuter! ^-^
Temps way too warm for Danios ,Swordtails, who prefer cooler temps not much warmer than 76 degrees F. Ditto for nearly all species of Corydoras.
Agree with other's,4 gal is too small for the above species,too unstable, ie water temps,chemistry.
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