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My 1st Spawn Log

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I have 2 pairs that I got from Karen and last week I decided I would go for it after 2 weeks of conditioning Romeo and Violet. The spawning went great, they were very gentle with each other but he chased her off early(she was still full of eggs) and then about 2 hours after I removed her he had eaten all the eggs. I left him in there for 2 days hoping maybe he had moved them or at least a couple survived but there were none so I decided I would finish conditioning my other pair(Valentine and Rose) and try with them. They started spawning at 8:00 pm on the 15th and today there are fry :-D
I'm still afraid to get to excited after what happened before but as far as I can tell Valentine is being a really good dad.
Here are some pictures of Valentine, Rose, the nest with eggs, some of the eggs after he moved them and tried to give me a heart attack, and the fry.
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the proud parents are valentine and rose?
and you have one fry with blue color? wow!
Yes Valentine and Rose are the proud parents and there are several fry with blue iridescence actually. There are blue's, greens and yellows but mostly blues and greens. I can't wait to see what their colors will be like when they are grown.
4 weeks old

The babies are doing good and starting to get some color. Their are a lot of different sized fry but the largest are about a centimeter and a half long. I am doing daily 50%-75% water changes and the fry are eating a mix of BBS, chopped up frozen adult brine shrimp, chopped frozen blood worms and finely grated beef liver. There is also some type of worms in the tank that the fry are snacking on between meals and there were some daphnia living in the tank that are gone now. About half of them can breathe air from the surface.
Here is a video-

I was going to add pics but every time I try to upload them it says "404 Bad request". Maybe it will let me tomorrow.
4 weeks pictures

I still can't attach the pictures but here are the links to them on flikr. Sorry for the glare and streaks on the glass in the two that has the flashlight shinning on them.
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Wow they're so cute! And there's so may of them! Can't wait to keep seeing them grow :D Hope you post more pictures!
Thanks littlegreen and miish :)
There are about 40-50 of them. They are so fast and so many different sizes now that it is hard to count them. I will definitely be adding more pictures later, I still don't understand why I can't attach them now..
5 weeks

The fry are doing ok. Last week I got sick and could barely get out of bed long enough to feed them much less for water changes. Thank goodness my husband knows how to do it but he works so he was to tired to do as much as I do. He was only doing daily 25% changes when I do 50-75% and 100% at least once a week so when I got better I noticed that a couple of the largest fry had dark edges on their tails which looked like fin rot. I'm back to my regular cleaning now and it is going away. I also have a few fry that have white specks on their tails and I'm worried that this may not be normal, I don't know what to do if it isn't and I'm worried that whatever it is could spread to the other fry :(
I also had to separate the runts out into a 5 gal because they were constantly having to hide and couldn't eat. I thought there were 4-5 runts but it turned out there were 14. There were 15 but one got eaten while I was trying to net it. They are doing great now and have almost doubled in size in just a few days.
Some of the larger fry are getting pretty aggressive, especially when I'm feeding them. I feel like a couple have passed the playing stage but I keep telling myself I need to leave them in as long as possible.
Here are 2 video's from a few days ago right after I felt well enough to get out of bed. The 2nd one is of one flaring and chasing the others. IMO the cutest thing in the world is seeing an inch long baby betta flaring :-D
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8 weeks

The babies are doing great. So far I've had to jar 9 of them a couple at a time. I took out the most visibly aggressive and a couple that had been beaten up pretty badly. The others are now pretty peaceful and went through a growth spurt. The 12 runts in the 5 gal are growing also but not very quickly. I took a picture from above the 10gal and had a head count of 53! I can't believe I thought there were only 25-30 for so long and there are 65! I have tried crushed pellets in the 10gal and they take them happily but am still mostly feeding them frozen brine shrimp and blood worms. The Jarred fry are just now starting to try the pellets but I'm not pushing it.
So here are lots of pics from weeks 7-8 in random order. One of them has a white upper lip :)

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I'm going to have to buy a few from this batch :)
Awesome MrV :)
I'm already starting to worry about weather they will get good homes or not and I know that most of the members on here are great betta parents.. I've put so much work into raising them and I love them so much.
I'm hoping that the ones with green iridescence are going to grow up to be green and red salamanders like the ones Karen had on Aquabid recently that I think were brothers and sisters of Valentine and Rose(I'm not positive though).
i might get one or two from you this one is so cute, cant wait to see when they are bigger
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I might be interested in one of your females from this spawn- nothing for breeding or showing, obviously. Just another lady to give a home. Will you have details soon?
That one was the 1st one I had to jar. He/she has a lot of spunk. 1st I cupped it and had it floating with the rest over night and that morning it had jumped out of the cup and was back in with its siblings!
lilyrazen what do you mean by details? Sorry if that's a silly question lol
Sorry I wasn't specific. I meant, when will you start selling and how much are you planning on asking for them? (specifically for a girl that's not breeding quality)
I'm not completely sure on how much I'm planning to sell them for yet but If they keep growing the way they are now and I can get them all eating pellets by the middle of next month then I may start selling them then and I will have decided by then on the prices. But I'm thinking maybe $5 plus shipping for a not breeding quality female. I will let y'all know when the time comes :)
Any updates?
How do you get infushia? That's the only thing I'm confused about! I have Java Moss and a Moss Ball, is that enough and will it naturally grow, or what? And how long do they live on it before you switched them to BBS? Thanks
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