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How do you get infushia? That's the only thing I'm confused about! I have Java Moss and a Moss Ball, is that enough and will it naturally grow, or what? And how long do they live on it before you switched them to BBS? Thanks

Infusoria will naturally occur in the aquarium, especially when you have live plants.
Usually once the fry are free swimming they will eat the infusoria, and then will be ready for food after a couple days. I usually start them out with micro worms, but you can try some BBS a few at first and fresh hatched so they are small. Some fry may not be able to eat the BBS as their mouths may be too small. You can see the ones that eat as their bellys get big and pink.

Many just start out with BBS, and the ones that can't eat it are naturally culled. The micro worms are much smaller and easier to get into the fry mouths, but are not as nutritious as BBS and also a few have had problems that seem to be related to Microworms.

41 - 41 of 41 Posts
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