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my Betta can't move or keep himself upright PLEASE HELP

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I left my betta at home for a week while someone took care of him. She fed him too much and the water got really horribly merky. I changed his water yesterday when I got home he seemed a lot better already. When I woke up today he was on his back at the bottom of his tank. He is alive though he keeps trying to swim, his fins move sometimes. And he is breathing. I lowered the water so that he's closer to the air but he still cant get to it to breathe. Please help me. I have had him for a year and a half.
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Sounds like he has swim bladder disorder (SBD). Its not fatal or contagious. Do you have any Epsom salt on hand (unscented)? If so had that to the tank, if not go buy some as soon as you can.
Fast him for a few days. Also try to make him flare by bringing a mirror up to his tank or use an exercise mirror if you have one. DO NOT FEED HIM A PEA, i know if you do a research about SBD they say to feed them a pea. Don't do it.
Also what are you feeding him? blood worms are going to make him bloated easily. try some high quality pellets
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