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My Betta died :(

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I got my first Betta fish for Christmas. I put it by my bed with a light shining into the tank. I'm not sure how he died. He did have ICH i'm pretty sure. could he have died from that? and in his last couple days he kept running into the wall fighting itself. I want to get another one but i don't want to kill it too. How do you think it died? Oh and my fish was so weird, it literally lay on the bottom on the tank in the rocks or like bury itself and make like a nest. I don't know if this was normal or not, i feel like he was retarded. haha
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Sorry Kirsten. If you decide to get another one, you might want to read up on the Betta care threads so you can be ready to give the next one some proper care.

As for bettas not needing a heater, that's true if your room temp is always 76 degrees or above. Here in the northeast, my bettas would not have a chance without heaters. Water quality needs to be monitored and changed either weekly or more depending on the size bowl or tank you have them in.
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