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Just thought I'd post this for new members... here are my betta essentials! (at least for medications/conditioners etc.)

~ API stress coat
~ API test strips (doesn't test ammonia... but it does work well enough)
~ API aquarium salts
~ rooibos tea - for the much needed tannins in my tank water as well as a more natural environment for my little guys
~ Seachem Prime - great water conditioner (recommended by a lot of the members on this forum)
~ API betta water conditioner - I use it occasionally
~ New Life Spectrum betta formula - the boys just started on this today - they like it so far, though the pellets are a lot larger than the Hikari betta gold pellets they're used to
*note: I made the change to provide my betta boys with a higher quality food - see my post: to learn more about what to look at in qualty betta food - thanks to the members who responded to it with the info!*
~ a few measuring spoons & my dropper (to measure out the Prime)

the rest of my essentials include (not photographed):

~ adjustable heater - to keep the water temperature consistent
~ silk plants - some times I feel like I never have enough! I also have a few plastic ones, but they are panty hose tested
~ filter
~ light
~ hideaways/caves etc. to provide dark spaces in the tank so they can remain "invisible"
~ betta hammocks/suction plants (especially for my crowntails)
~ ping pong balls - keeps some of the boys entertained

So... now that I've shared mine... what are some of yours?


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API liquid test kit and syringes! Could not manage without my array of different size syringes with their colour codes markers, I have them for removing water for testing, adding water condition, sucking up defrosted shrimp, adding blackwater extract, anything that needs adding to a tank has its own syringe for the purpose, each tank has its own set of syringes. I am at the chemist buying different size syringes that often I am surprised they haven`t started giving me `where to get help` leaflets!!

The other thing I could not be without is my home made trolley for pushing water buckets and containers about, I am often on my own and my health can sometimes let me down so without a way to easily transport water I would be stuck. Oh and buckets and water containers, can never have enough buckets when fish keeping:)

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Things I like to have for my bettas :mrgreen:

Food -

* NLS Betta Formula

For inside their tanks -

* adjustable heater
* internal filter
* silk plants
* log/cave
* gravel/quartz gravel
* leaf hammock
* thermometers

Keeping their water nice -

* Prime
* API master test kit
* IALs
* gravel vac & baster
* sturdy buckets
* cup for pouring the new water back in
* paper towel rolls (for drying everything before storing away after wc's)
* API Stress Coat (just incase any fins get a tatter)
* magnet cleaner

I think that is it. :)

Oh and my little table and stool for holding the water buckets and supplies during water changes.I couldn't do without those.

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I agree with you on that list pixie. How ever, dry erase markers are needed as well. My sassy female vetail Tiffy throws flaring fits when I draw on her tank. She hates the red markers ( ironically, she is a red betta) she trys to bite the tip of the red markers.

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All the supplies I have on hand:
(not counting the many things always in the tanks like decor and plants)
- Seachem Prime
- API Master liquid test kit
- Gravel vac
- HBH betta pellets
- Various frozen & live foods
- Aquarium salt
- Epsom salt
- Hose + faucet adapter
- Sturdy plastic buckets
- Seachem Paraguard
- Measuring spoons
- Syringes
- Eyedroppers
- Seachem Flourish
- Seachem Flourish Excel
- Seachem Flourish Iron
- Lots of nets and cups
- Plant scissors and tweezers

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It's so cool knowing what others have and what could be added as part of our essentials! Keep them coming everyone! Also, thanks to those that have shared their essentials on this thread!

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My supplies

-A nice sized tank
- Plants and decorations
-COLONY to cycle the tank
-Seachem Prime
-Pellets and Food (Omega One and National Geographic pellets and Omega One freeze-dried bloodworms is what I have.)
-Cup to remove the fish during water changes
-Gravel Vacuum
-Buckets to hold water during WC
-Medications (I have: Epsom Salts, AQ salts, Bettafix, and API Erithromycin.)

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Water Conditioners and Alterations
~ API stress coat
~ API Master Test Kit
~ Driftwood/IAL for tannins
~ Seachem Prime
~ Microbe-Lift Special Blend (Like Colony or Safestart)

~ Jungle Aquarium salt
~ Kordon Methylene Blue
~ Cupramine
~ bird liquid diet syringes for measuring fertilizers and medicines
~ Epsom salt
~ Seachem Kanaplex
~ API T.C (Tetracycline)
~ API Erythromycin
~ API General Cure

~ Measuring spoon for food
~Ocean Nutrition formula One Frozen, Omega One frozen daphnia, San Francisco Bay Mixed diet box, San Francisco Bay Multipack(core diet is frozen)
~Ocean Nutrition Prime Reef flakes(fed sparingly since my fish won't eat pellets)

Basic essentials:
~ adjustable heater
~ live plants
~ filter
~ floating craft mesh tubes and cichlid stones for hideaways

Plant care:
~ LED/CFL lights
~ Aquavitro fertilizers

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Live mosquito larvae
Live blackworms
Live white worms
Live grindals
Frozen bloodworms
Frozen brine shrimp
NLS Community and Small Fish Formula
Freshly hatched BBS

Water Conditioners/Medication
Seachem Prime
Seachem Cupramine
Rooibos Tea
Peat Moss

Tank Set-up
YiDing/Mr Aqua Rimless tanks
Aquarworld heaters
Sponge filters
ADA Malaya substrate

Live Plants
Java moss

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Tank - 5g Top Fin
Silk Plants
Betta Hammock
Marble substrate
Bridge he likes to sleep under
Feeding ring - floats on top of water so food doesn't get pushed around by the filter
Internal mini filter that came with tank\
Hydor 25w adjustable heater
LED lights

Omega One Betta Buffet Flakes - he won't eat the pellets...

Seachem Prime
Seachem Stress Guard
API Master Test Kit
Aquarium Salt
3g bucket
2 1g pitchers
A lot of towels...

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my list for my boys and girls.

for plants:
Live plants
drift wood
root tabs
Flourish or Iron liquid for live plants
plant trimmer

Stress reliever:
Indian Almond Leaves
rooibos tea
Stress coat

Omega one pellets
frozen blood worms and more

For tank:
Sponge filters
Adjustable heaters

For cleaning:
Bucket for water change
water jug for adding water
Gravel Vacuum
hydrogen peroxide in spray bottle and Eyedropper

for testing
API kit

For sickness and putting down
Clove Oil
meds for illnesses like fin rot etc.
Aquarium salt
Epsom salt

Lazor light
Tongs to hold worms for them to chase after

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NLS small fish formula.
Frozen bloodworm.
Seachem prime.
API leaf zone.
Seachem flourish excel.
Seachem prime.
Seachem root tab
Unused toothbrush (for algae)
API master kit
Gravel vauum
Indian almond leaves

Not including everything in the tank

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Love love love reading everyone's essentials list!

I suppose I should also amend my original list and add in:

For water changes -
~ bucket
~ gravel vacuum
~ turkey baster (to remove uneaten food/debris)
~ tongs (to remove or move plants/caves etc.)
~ watering can (to add in more water)

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and it will help out a lot of people if they want to start fish care. =)

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Mine include:
-Decent sized tank (at least 2.5 gallons)
-Adjustable heater
-SeaChem Prime
-New Life Spectrum Betta Formula or Omega One (either or, I use NLS)
-silk plants
-cave/hides (Though only two tanks currently have one)
-Strainer to clean gravel
-Bucket to put gravel in
-Tooth brush to scrub tank and plants
-MANY cups to hold the boys during 100% changes.
-syringe to measure prime
-API Ammonia test kit (would like the master test kit but can't afford it right now)

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Do we have something like this for a sticky? like all the fixings for betta care? if not, we really need one, or use this one

EDIT facepalms never mind saw it...
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