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Hi Guys!

I am new here to, and let me tell you this is a great site already!So here is a little background information on my betta fish:

I got Honeycomb from petsmart after i set up a 10 gallon tank with silk plants and a castle (just for him). He was all the way in the back of the shelf, where it was all dark, with no visitors to his cup. I decided i should get a betta fish from the back of the shelf because i felt bad they didn't get any contact with the rest of the pet store. And then i saw him. He was sitting in his cup, with his yellow fins resting on the bottom(he is a veitail). So i brought him home and have had him housed comfortably in his heated and filtered 10 gallon for about a year now. He has had torn fins but i couldn't tell what it was (his tail fin was the only thing affected, and did not have black ends, except two tiny red specks.) so this week he has been getting frequent water changes and a salt bath. I also removed a castle that i did the pantyhose test on (to see if it was too sharp for the betta) and it turns out it probably wasn't Betta-safe. I am hoping he will recover ( He is VERY active and eating VERY well).

Haha oh boy am i talkative when it comes to animals!

Feel free to check out my albums!

Happy Mother's Day!

uggh! I still don't get why my profile avatars are upside down!
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