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Hello, sorry to hear that you are having issues.

I would raise the temperature, bettas prefer warmer water at or around 78 - 82, lower water temperatures prevent them from digesting properly, and it can cause them to be sluggish.

Are you soaking his food? If you feed him that much, he's bound to become bloated, and if the pellets aren't soaked before giving them to him, he will puff up very easily.
I would definitely improve on your water changing schedule, this is very important, it should be done weekly at the latest, sometimes bi-weekly is required in some circumstances.

My advice will follow up with what RussellTheShihTzu has said about epsom salts, that is a method to remove liquids from the body that may be causing him to bloat, it's similar to a laxative.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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