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My Betta won't eat today !

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Hey guys, I just got Chrysanthemum yesterday! He seemed happy on his new 4 gallon tank, 80 degree temp, and new filter. Yesterday I fed him twice, when I got him (at 12:00pm) I fed him 3 pellets, then again around 7:00pm I fed him 4 pellets and he ate him just fine and quick. Today on the other hand, in the morning he was a little lazy and wouldn't move much but around "5:00pm" he started to moved around a lot so I tried to feed him, but he wouldn't eat anything, so I tried again and agin and now it's 10:00pm and he still hasn't eaten anything. It's worrying me, so my only theory is that he ate too much yesterday? Is this normal? Or should I just not feed him today and see how it goes tomorrow?
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Do you check your water parameters?
Did you put a water conditioner in the water?
Is he swimming normally or he is darting like crazy?
Any symptoms on his body?
It is normal for bettas not to eat for a couple days when you get them home, especially if they've had a lot to eat the day beforehand. He'll be ok, just give him a day or two :) He will know when he wants to eat.
He's been through a bit of a shock, going from a different tank/cup to your tank. It's normal for him to be a little out of sorts. Mine didn't show any interest in food for ages, so I just kept offering pellets to him twice a day and removing the excess if he didn't eat within 10 minutes.
he is most probably ready to mate when you put the food in dose he swim up and down the tank if he dose he is ready to breed and he will do that
my betta took close to 3 days to eat...when i put some pellets he would swim away from it !!...after 3 days he was back to normal...I would dip the tip of a plastic spoon..he would swim and try to grab it...then i would put one pellet in front of him and he would gulp it!!...hope this helps
It's completely normal for a new betta not to eat. I've never experienced this because all of my bettas were always hungry little monsters. But this does happen a lot. Just give it a few days and attempt to feed him once or twice each day until he eats. It only becomes a problem if he doesn't eat for a week.
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