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My betta won't eat!

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Help! My betta won't eat :( I bought him from petco about a week ago. He's a black double male tail betta his name is Tim Burton. He's in a 2.5 gal and I've tried giving him bloodworms (freeze dried), pellets, and flakes (wrong flakes so I tossed it) I've changed the water twice 100% water change because I don't understand the other ways. He's swimming around and he looks fine but he just is not interested in the food. I also ordered a heater and it should be arriving around June 4. Hopefully it's just the temperature that's bothering him. I'm so confused and I don't know what to do to get him to eat. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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is he interested in your finger? drop some infront of him and blow it around a bit, he might just go for it
I've heard of people on here who have had betta fish who have not eaten for a week.

Not trying to burst your bubble or anything, but if it takes five more days for the heater to get here, and hes already not eating for seven days, twelve days is a long time without food. He should eat before he starves though.
some betta can go up to a month without food. fortunately I don't think any of us have heard of a healthy betta starving to death :). what's the temperature right now?
its like 70 degrees. I've been keeping on eye on him he swimming and exploring he doesn't look like he's suffering. I just hope he makes it till the heater gets here
Our betta didnt eat for a couple days or so..he kept spitting out the food until I found something he really liked...try micro pellets..Haikari.Gold..our samy loves eem:)
I think I am going to have to get the micro pellets. Thank you all for your help Ill let you know how hes doing
Ok..:)..also they float..and that way yull see yur fishy eat em..and know exactly what hes takin in..less wasted food all ova the tank too:)
So he is active and not other visual symptoms on the body right?
Try another food.
Good luck give us update.
So he is active and not other visual symptoms on the body right?
Try another food.
Good luck give us update.
No I dont see anything odd on his body. I have to do some shopping this weekend hopefully he eats! Thank you :)
I hate to give my bettas flakes but maybe try them.
Or did you try freeze dried blood worms.
I have had my betta for two weeks and I have YET to see him eat, he otherwise appears healthy, and my tank is 78 degrees. Like you, we have tried everything. I just keep offering him food and figure he'll eat eventually, otherwise we're trying to prepare his owner (my 6 year old) for inevitable...hope you're right that you've never seen one starve to death...
Try soaking the pellets in pure garlic juice with a bit of water. This'll make the 'scent' and flavor stronger, and it tends to encourage them to eat. If that doesn't work, give the pellets a bit of a squeeze (just a little bit) so that it'll start to slowly sink. Sometimes when they see it moving, they are more likely to eat it. If he doesn't eat it, try a few more times with different pellets... See if he eats them off the gravel (sometimes bettas are wierd and like to eat pellets from the bottom of the tank). If he doesn't in 5 minutes, use a pipett or a turkey baster to remove the pellets.
Is there any possibilities that he has some kind infections? May be aquarium salt will help. It not going to do any damage. I would try to do that.

Once i actually had betta without any physical symptoms, but he didn't eat and finally died.

So i would really try aquarium salt. 2 weeks it too much. He need nutrition's to survive. I do know betta can live long time without food. But i did have bad experience once.
I don't know what other people will write about my idea but i can give recommendations on aquarium dalt that you can but at pat store.
It about $4 unsent aquarium salt
Hey guys just an update.... Tim Burton finally ate! :) I bought him micro pellets and he ate them. I was so happy! Also, my heater came in today and I am buying him a 5 gallon tank with a moss ball! I am so happy and excited :) Thank you all for your help and concern
Whoohoo..That is Great news!!..So happy he's eating..:)
Whoohoo..That is Great news!!..So happy he's eating..:)
Thank you! Me too :) I was so stressed out lol
I have mentioned this to a couple others who have experienced the same problem, Micro pellets is like a Miracle food:) it works every time.
omg great!!! They are such a picky little cuties:)
Sorry for double post my computer acting crazy.
Love good news
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