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My betta's are weird.

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Every single one of my betta's hate toothpicks. :roll:
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In what way are they experiencing toothpicks?
I feed them frozen bloodworms with toothpicks. When I put the toothpick in they come up and flare at it before grabbing the bloodworms and if I am not quick enough they bite he side of it. I hate the feel of the bloodworms on my fingers
How weird. I feed mine the frozen bloodworms with plastic pipettes, and my bettas practically worship the pipette. It is the Bringer of Food and must be revered.

And ew, yeah, I don't want to touch slimy little bloodworms with my fingers either.
It's like *flare flare flare* I MUST FLARE AT THE WEIRD SKINNY BETTA. Oh look, it has food. *noms on bloodworms* OMG THE SKINNY BETTA DOESN'T HAVE ANY MORE FOOD, HOW DARE IT NOT HAVE ANY MORE FOOD. *Bites* That's my interpretation of what my betta's are thinking. xD
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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