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My betta's home

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I got my betta yesterday from Petsmart. :-D He is living in a cylindrical 3-gallon tank with a few leafty plants and, lol, a Spongebob house. I tested the tap water and used conditioners and those little fizzy pH pills for the water. I tested it and everything was fine. The temperature yesterday when he was first introduced was around 78, I think. And now it is about 72. :| My betta is actually very active compared to the ones in the store. He has lots of hiding places and plenty smooth stones and leaves to rest on. He just can't seem to stop moving, though! He swims around pretty fast and I was wondering if the enviroment might be too cold, or maybe not right for him. :-( I'm afraid of adding my heater, though, because the temperature is already so close to where it needs to be. I am new at this and a bit nervous. (I don't want to kill him!!!) Please help. :dunno:
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Is there a reason for adding the ph powder? From what I read, it's best not to use ph + or - additives, unless the ph is way out of control, since it's harder to keep the ph level with additives than it is for the fish to get used to slightly higher or lower than their preferred ph parameters. Something I'm learning about bettas - they hate sudden change!

I live in Australia and where we live I get room temp variations this time of year from a max of 38C (100F)to 17C (62F) at night or lower, so I -have to- use a heater to keep the temp steady. The thermostat turns off when the water hits 26C (78F) so I don't fear overheating. As long as you have a thermostat, it should all be fine and you won't risk cold fish in case of a chilly night. 72 is also a bit cold for him...

It sounds like you're making an excellent home for your betta. :-D Don't worry if he seems a little depressed or won't eat in the first couple weeks of his new home, they hate adjusting and take time to get used to the new water and so on.

Good luck with him, and I'd love to see some pics. :)
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