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My fish is healthy and happy too I play with him so he won't get bored a lot he swims and explores his tank
There is nothing to explore. Won't take him long. If you are that worried about bacteria, buy a brand new coffee mug and boil it. heck, buy 2 and swap them out at every water change and boil the one not in the tank. Make sure they are glass as glass is particularly hard for bacteria to grow on, and it totally non porous so bacteria can't get IN it. That way he has a place to hide, and no bacteria can grow on your cup. You can do the same with glass stones. Buy enough to cover the bottom twice, put half in the tank, and every time you do 100% change, boil what is in the tank, and replace with the sterile ones that are already boiled. I know you are paranoid, but imagine living in a room with no furniture and no decor. That's what your betta is dealing with.
You can probably even find blown glass decor (make sure it is safe to be boiled and the color is IN the glass, not painted on) for your tank. Boil to sterilize, let cool, and put in tank. Boil at every water change.
(My husband is a biologist and my sister is a nurse, so I am well aware of how to sterilize things to keep bacteria growth at bay. Both have said this would work)
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