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My Boys!!

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I thought I would go through all of my current boys!

Goldikova - Gold/Orange delta male, has some minor fin damage from jumping a divider, silly boy!

Dean - HMPK male bred by Karen

Sammy - Fancy HMPK male bred by Karen

Panda - Black/blue marble Halfmoon male Bred by Gerald Griffen

Trickster - Green dragon super delta - Rescue from Petsmart

Razzles - blue crowntail - Rescue from Petco

Unnamed - Juvenile Green Halfmoon male Bred by Gerald Griffen

Alastair - Blue multi Halfmoon male bred by Jen Sisk

Misha - Platinum Multi Halfmoon bred by Chard

Squirrel - Multi Veiltail bred by Chard

Poppet - Red Cambodian doubletail - rescue from petco

Spyro - Fancy Marble Crowntail

Unnamed - Blue/Purple Delta bred by Chard

(Not Pictured) Unnamed - Blue/Purple Veiltail bred by Chard

(Not Pictured) Fleer - Cellophane "red head" Veiltail

Garrison - Multi Doubletail - rescue from Petco

Micah - Red Halfmoon Male - Rescue from Petsmart

Jack - Bi-color Veiltail - Rescue from Petsmart

Loki - Blue Veiltai- Rescue from Petsmart

Sparkles - Purple/Red Crowntail - Rescue from Petsmart
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Good job with all those rescues!:angel:
thereso amazing :-D beautiful fish!! can't choose with one i like best XD
Wow, they are all so beautiful and good for you with the rescues. I have such a hard time resisting when I go to petco, hence the latest purchase :p
Thanks all!!
Wait, Dean and Sammy?? Castiel? Jensen? You aren't a Supernatural fan are you :p
Love them!!! Can I have Dean, Trickster, Misha, and Spyro please? Just kidding. I want your fish!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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