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My female betta fish had been acting weird over the past week. Unfortunately, before i could get to the bottom of things, she died :((. I only got her a month or so ago so I'm assuming she became sick.

In her tank there was gravel and she had a plastic plant. When I cleaned her tank the other night I switched the plant out to a little tank ornament.

My main question is how do I clean these items now that she is diseased in case she had some sort of disease?

Originally, I would clean out her fish bowl with vinegar and water instead of soap or something in case of left over residue.
I usually just cleaned the rocks by soaking them in water, mixing them around and rinsing them a few times till they no longer smelled.
I cleaned the plastic plants with vinegar and water as well.
The little figurine inside the tank I usually just cleaned with water.

I plan on using all of the above in a new tank but in case she was sick, I don't want new fish getting sick from the items that were in her old tank.

I was wondering if I should clean them in some other way just in case they are contaminated. I don't know if vinegar or plain water is going to cut it... Maybe add some aquarium salt?
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