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Sorry you are having problems-since you already know the half gallon with 2 Bettas is not the best setup for long term keeping and you plan to upgrade....No point in going over that....

And due to your limitation we need to work with what you have....

Right now-I would start making 50% water changes with like temp dechlorinated water every day. Be sure and use a thermometer to check both the tank and replacement water to make sure they are pretty close to the same temp.
Don't remove them for the 50% daily water changes

One time a week-make a 100% water change-you will need to remove them for this-Once you have cleaned the tank-Re-acclimate them to the new water. Have some extra water made up to use to top off the half gallon after acclimation.

To acclimate back to the tank-pour half the water out of their holding cups and add small amount of the tank water to them in the holding cups over about 10min until full-Repeat-then add them back to the tank along with part of the water in their holding cups.

Look around your house for another a 1gal pickle jar, large mouth vase...etc......that you could use for another container to place one of the Bettas in until you get your new tank.

Rinse it well in warm water and if you fear that it may have soap residue-use vinegar and rinse really good.

You may or may not need a heater, but a half gallon can be tricky to heat anyway.....Just monitor the water temp and try to keep it in the 76-78F range.
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