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Hi, I have a Betta fish and I love him to death, I have two males who share the same tank [A divider, they can't see each other but there is holes in the divider but there tiny, there is no aggressiveness or anything, no flaring...] & I had them for about a month now. I wasn't able to clean their tank for 2 weeks or longer because my mom was to busy to get me the supplies. So today my mom bought me Nutrafin Aqua + plus & a Nutrafin waste control > Nutrafin Cycle, their all 3 bottles & some betta food, my fish were eating tropical flakes for the month and it made them grow bigger [No bloating.] My fish are in a 1/2 Gallon Tank with a divider I think it's a bit bigger then 1/2 the divider is not really thick so it takes up barley any room they have plenty of room to swim.

So today when I got these supplies I went to clean their tank I rinsed everything out [Didn't use soap] and took my time, including the plants & gravel, divider. I kept my fin in cups and I put a small drop of Nutrafin Aqua plus in the water to keep them alive [They were both in two different cups.] When I finished cleaning the tank I put them back in & their tank. I think I added to much Nutrafin drops, On it's lid it shows the L to put and how much, 5mL treats 38L so I think I put in way to much Water conditioner!

Now when I went to see my halfmoon his thrin was black and it felt like it was stuck together, he has 2 holes in his fins!

PLEASE help, I am freaking out I love my fish and my crowntail is perfectly fine & he looks so unhappy! Should I clean the tank again? I have no fish meds and only have table salt I cannot access the pet stores at the moment. He isn't losing color he is swimming around but slow he is active. What should I do? I don't want him to die, and kill him he still has years to go and I killed my poor fish? Him & My crown tail are my only fish down stairs we have a huge community tank.

My fish tank has 2 fake plants, gravel, divider...And that's pretty much it. I cannot get a new tank my mom told me I should of gotten a bigger thank but I spent more then $50.00 on my Betta fish their 1/2 was $32.00 + $2.00 tax & My halfmoon was $20.00+ and my crowntail was $12.00 My fish supplies were about $6 for all 3 bottles & for food $6

Please, should I clean out the tank? What should I do! And will his fins heal back?

I cannot really upgrade their tank at the moment since I live far away from a pet store & at the moment once I find a small heater I will use that, I am I promise going to upgrade their tanks I can't now the fatest when would be 2 weeks D:

I am new to the forums by the way, I was recommended to come here I really love my betta and I don't want to kill him, he is still younger I had him when he was small now he's 1/2 inches.

[I also have a thread like this, I am rushing sorry the other one in the wrong section! Sorry if I caused trouble.]

This is the exact fish tank I have, same color and everything.

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Hi, I am new to the forums my baby Bleu is in need of help ever since today, I am going to explain what happened there is a picture below of the tank I have. The tank is a home to my two male Betta's Bleu & Ren. I believe I had both of them for maybe a month or less, I am new to Betta's I own a community tank downstairs in my house, I also have had turtles in the past [Gave Shrek away to my mom's friend since she has 4 turtles and a huge tank.] So I am new to raising Betta's I have done all my research on them before I got these lovely fellas but today I am having a problem.

About Their Tank: They live in the same tank, the tank has a divider with small holes in it, my betta cannot see each other this is because the holes are pretty small & there are no signs of aggression & no fighting, no ramming the divider, no flaring. The tank is I believe bigger then a 1/2 Gallon almost 2 gallons, the reason why I have a small tank is because Pet Habitat is horrible with fish tanks, [The one at the mall] they pretty much have nothing all their tanks are smaller then 2 gallons. I got my fish from a great Pet Store, we have known them for years & their kid is my friend so well yeah, they have a lot of amazing Aquariums & stocked up with everything but because I got my small blue tank before I got my new fish I couldn't get a new one. Now off to what happened.... [The tank also has a lid, no light though, no heater, no filter.]

I have never cleaned their tank for maybe a month or 3 - 5 weeks or longer, this is due to the fact that my parents couldn't pick me up Water Conditioner to keep the water safe so I wasn't able to change it :( I would of changed it on the right time and everything, but this didn't affect my fish they were very active & would never get scared if my hand came up to the tank or anything, they would swim around 24/7 and would be pretty hyper.

Monday The Next day: So today my mom got me Nutrafin Waste Control, Nutrafin Aqua Plus, Nutrafin Cycle. I took my Betta fish & because the tank was small I tried to corner my halfmoon, he is pretty fast so I don't know if I may of crushed his fins or something happened when I went to catch him I got him and then he was stuck in the next I pushed the net down [Not crushing him] And he was able to get into the cup, he was fine and was swimming around. Then I went to go get Ren my crowntail I put him in the cup, but it took me under 30 seconds to catch him. Ren was easier to catch he also got stuck in the net and I had to push him down [Again not crushing him, I can't really explain it.]

After I rinsed out the gravel, fake plant, the tanks top & the tank. [I didn't wash my tank with soap because people are saying it can kill the fish if there is even a little bit, so I didn't tank the risk.] I filled the water up with warm water, perfect temperature but I didn't know I have to wait a day or so [This is my first time cleaning my Betta's tank.] I put my Betta in and I forgot to add Nutrafin Aqua Plus, I added that but I think I put WAY to much I put a full small 5mL in and then I added like 4 or more drops in [Didn't know, again first time cleaning their tank D:] So later on I came to feed my Betta's a treat, when I went Bleu had some black stuff on his fins it's like when a fire burns a log it goes black, his fin was black on the bottom of his Anal fin, just like a piece of it is black it looks ripped up & looks like going to fall off. When I was cleaning his tank I saw 2 small holes in his Dorsal Fin & maybe another one some place else. On Bleu's Canudals fin there is a Triangle Slit cut, it's like a cut in a shape of a triangle that is sideways.

On Bleu's fin they look ripped up, I don't think it's fin rot I can't tell he is a common blue halfmoon with red, it's hard to tell but it looks like every wear in his fins it's cut & short cuts not perfect fins.

He is still active but he is pretty slow today, he isn't being aggressive he's just swimming around slowly and going to the bottom of his tank putting his head down looking like he's searching for something.

My crowntail Ren is perfectly fine, but ever since I changed the water he's been flaring & being aggressive but not to the divider, his fins are fine, he likes going to his fake plant it has never ripped his fin since he swims gently towards it. When I turn my lights off their both less active, I am really worried about Bleu I honestly don't want him to die.

Ren has the plant, because when I first got them they were both so small, but because Bleu is a halfmoon and has longer fins he didn't get the fake plants, Ren was pretty tiny when I got him now he's bigger and doesn't really go to his plant often, when he does he just sits in it then swims away happily.

Ren is starting to go to the bottom of his tank and just sit their and watch, I am really worried about my Halfmoon is this because of the net? Fish rot, to much Nutrafin Aqua plus?

Should I clean the Betta tank again? Should I add Nutrafin Waste Control Or Nutrafin Cycle?!?!?! I did a 100% water change today, it's my first time changing the water and I looked on Google and I saw people putting for small tanks do 100% water change.

There is no fuzzy white stuff or anything, my fish never poo there is no poo in the tank at all, because I didn't clean my tank weeks ago I was expecting to be poo in the tank, but when I rinsed everything out there was no poo in the tank, I don't know if their digesting they have a diet. I feed them Flakes, Blood worms, Pellets..etc [I don't feed everything together, I feed them a proper diet I am just telling you which foods I have.]

Please help, I don't want Bleu to die he's just been sitting in the same spot and watching, sometimes he will come up and swim around but then just swim down and just stare at something. [He doesn't stare at the divider.] Please help, what should I do?!

[Updated version, easier to read & understand.]
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